About Jonathan Shkiler

Meet Jonathan of Wayland Acquisitions Ltd.!

 From a simple warehouse merchandiser at RONA to an aspiring paralegal and then the managing Director of Wayland Construction Ltd. and now the REI specialist at Wayland Acquisitions Ltd. Jonathan is a professional real estate investor and author with a strong belief in investing in the future through self-education, coaching and networking. It’s Jonathan's belief that success is built through teams and networks rather than only through his individual efforts, Jonathan strives to put himself around the most influential people of our time in order to bring success for other people and then himself. Jonathan also believes that majority of wealth in this world is created through both short term and long term real estate investments, with his business experience, knowledge of real estate investment strategies and his core philosophical beliefs, he is unstoppable when it comes to taking care of his investors and ensuring they get an adequate return on investment.